About PULLproject

PULLproject is Los Angeles-based duo Kennedy Kabasares (aerial artist/actor) and traci kato-kiriyama (writer/actor). Their work is based in theatre with the use of a single apparatus to strip away the spectacle of aerial arts and hone in on relationship and story. Drawn to the unexpected, hidden, unknown and unsung, PULLproject digs into extremes – light and dark, absurd and tragic. Their previous touring project, “PULL: Tales of Obsession,” is based on a true story of family relationships, death, loss, mental and emotional wellness.

Their current project, “PULL: Tales of Clamor,” focuses on the noise¬†necessary, in community, for social change. Supported by the NET/TEN Exchange Grant, PULLproject is working with Nikkei for Civil Rights and Redress (NCRR), utilizing the 1981 video footage of the Los Angeles CWRIC hearings.

Process and community building is as important to them as “product”, and¬†PULLproject is constantly in search of collaborative exchange and ways to engage through workshops based in the communities where they perform and have residency.


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